Sunday, 18 May 2008


I forked out for one of these a year ago and, having used it over a full season now, I reckon its an excellent piece of kit. The bag comes ready kitted out with four lure tubes (that I thought were useless and just wasted space) a very useful plastic lure box and a plastic drinking bottle, which fits neatly into its own pocket on the side of the bag. Personally I don't do lure tubes and I've replaced them with another cheapo plastic lure box which I reckon makes better use of the space available but there is so much space in this bag I doubt most anglers would complain. With the two boxes and the various pockets I reckon I've managed to fit just about every lure I'm ever going to need into it and the bag is so well designed that I've also managed to fit my light line gear in it so I've got the floats and the light ledgering gear there if I decide to try bait whilst I'm out with the spinning gear.

The bag is made from extremely strong material, the stitching is of very good quality (I've not had one piece of stitching fail to date) and the zips all seem to be heavy duty and of very good quality. The waist strap is exceptionally comfortable and having just the waist strap is a vast improvement over the more traditional shoulder bag or rucksack if, like me, you prefer to move around rather than sticking to one spot. When you consider that the bag comes with a tackle box, lure tubes and a plastic drinking bottle all included its very reasonably priced at £19.99, and is a well made piece of kit that should last you for years. If you fancy one check out the Veals website.

Mark: 10 / 10 - Unbelievable quality for £20.

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